This is America

By Hope Gast   About the Author Hope Gast is a junior Chemistry major at the University of Pittsburgh. This erasure poem was written using an article on the NRA’s website, “10 Reasons to Own an AR-15” as the source.

18 Years

By Heidi Rosenberg This summer we vacationed in Door County—similar to the summer before and a few summers before. We love Door County—plenty to do, water, good weather (usually for late June). Nothing to complain about at all. But this story is not about Door County and it’s not about our vacation. At least not … More 18 Years


By B. Jackson  There was a mass shooting in Gilroy, California. my favorite pit-stop on our drives down south my parents would often buy a fresh bag of cherries from a wooden fruit stand for all of us to share I remember squishing the cherries between my teeth letting the red juice soak my tongue … More skip 


  By Nicole Cook Bang bang I’m angry Or I’m sick Or I’m frustrated Or I’m bullied So sad Bang bang What to do? Can’t get care They’ll know I’m sick Americans are strong Americans are never weak Bang bang In the street In my bedroom At the corner store In our temples Bang bang … More BANG BANG


By Lily Connolly I see the students of my generation frazzled by fears of being shot in classrooms, +++++++++marching through urban streets during third period, writing funeral scripts+++++++++at lunchtime, Life-centered minors laying their friends to rest between political rallies and soccer practice, Feverish futurists trying to rewrite ancient scripture to prevent radioactive equipment +++++++++from taking … More ROAR

Sound Rings

By Mary McCoy An overwhelming sound rings… It’s the static on the PA. Expecting some sort of dismissal for some student, I stop listening. But the PA sounds once more. “We are under lockdown, This is not a drill.” “Ya sure!” I joke to my friends. We lock the door, turn off the lights, and … More Sound Rings


By Phyllis Meshulam A morning dawns, barely, with fringes of rain along the well-worn path to the daily paper. She is regulated by her body’s clock, still on Eastern time, as Melissa listens to the drops dribble and splat. Being home from her trip, it’s necessary to re-enter the daily routine, to plan her lessons, … More Infringed  


By Charles Rafferty 1. Children Could Become Maniacs (Columbine) That’s what I learned from the radio as my daughter drank her bottle. 2. Question (Sandy Hook) What kind of gun laws would we have if 26 senators died crouching in their offices while the sunlight was dazzling the pens upon their desks? 3. Why You Died on a … More Triptych