A Poem for Today, Lord

By Candice Kelsey Take back the Izhmash Saigon 12-gaugesemiautomatic shotgun,the Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S .223-calibersemiautomatic rifle,the Glock 20 10mmsemiautomatic handgun, and theSig Sauer P226 9mmsemiautomatic handgun used atSandy Hook Elementary School 9 years agoand pleasebring back those 26 precious lives. About the Author: Candice Kelsey’a debut book of poetry, Still I Am Pushing, was published last … More A Poem for Today, Lord

Deer Season

By Elizabeth Cohen  Early Bow fire-spiced wind, shadow paths distant reports shudder and holler out the valley news what is it about autumn the spilled mustard light buck droppings littering the scape   Crossbow over the loon hills they find the shy ones hiding   Youth hunt chewing gum, boot crunch wrinkle wrappers untethered sunrise … More Deer Season

We the Grieving

By Linda Eve Diamond  We the Grieving hold candlelight vigils, voices and moments of silence spinning through darkness—as gun deaths mount and children practice active shooter drills We the Tired Masses petition, speak, write and sing to the choir, cry and shout into videos, microphones, megaphones mementos, stuffed bears and pillows We the Calculated Risks … More We the Grieving

The Plan

By Adam Grabowski                                                           I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away. Titanium — David Guetta ft. Sia I want to be bulletproof, she says, from the … More The Plan

This is America

By Hope Gast   About the Author Hope Gast is a junior Chemistry major at the University of Pittsburgh. This erasure poem was written using an article on the NRA’s website, “10 Reasons to Own an AR-15” as the source.

18 Years

By Heidi Rosenberg This summer we vacationed in Door County—similar to the summer before and a few summers before. We love Door County—plenty to do, water, good weather (usually for late June). Nothing to complain about at all. But this story is not about Door County and it’s not about our vacation. At least not … More 18 Years


By B. Jackson  There was a mass shooting in Gilroy, California. my favorite pit-stop on our drives down south my parents would often buy a fresh bag of cherries from a wooden fruit stand for all of us to share I remember squishing the cherries between my teeth letting the red juice soak my tongue … More skip