Story Stitchers St. Louis Performance

Representing Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective: Leading performing artists in the Stitchers Youth Council performed their original poems, “Different” by Emeara and “Different II” by Branden. The poems draw from stories collected by the artists from St. Louis neighborhoods and reflect on the pressures of gang violence. The poems were commissioned by Saint Louis … More Story Stitchers St. Louis Performance

“Bullets into Bells” Event at Boston Public Library

Bullets into Bells Event at Boston Public Library Co-editors Brian Clements, Alexandra Teague and Dean Rader reflect on gun violence in America through poetry and the voice of victims of gun violence before an audience at the Boston Public Library. They are joined by poets Martín Espada, Jill McDonough, and Rebecca Morgan Frank, and Aimee Tavares, (National Organizing Director … More “Bullets into Bells” Event at Boston Public Library