If You Give a Teacher a Gun

Jahman Ariel Hill is a poet, student, teacher, and activist who combines his passions of protest, Black identity, and foreign policy through poetry. He holds titles as an Individual World Poetry Slam and Southern Fried Poetry Festival finalist, as well as LEAF Poetry Slam Champion. Last April, he published his first book, Made from my Mother’s Ceilings, followed by his first album, Ceilings, published this April. He received his Bachelor’s in Middle East Relations and Masters in Communication Studies at the University of Alabama, where he is currently working towards a Masters in Women’s Studies while coaching the University’s speech team. Additionally, he is co-founder and vice president of the Alabama Student Association for Poetry (ASAP). His research on protest rhetoric, work with ASAP, and involvement with the #WeAreDone movement helped earn him the 2018 Marsha Houston Award for Outstanding Student Work in Social Justice and Diversity. He also loves bacon. Watch the video here.

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