Gun Song

By Alivia Vaughns I’m at a concert and the main singer comes on and talks about the next song and how they found a gun in their father’s sock drawer and I’m standing there in shock because apparently I’ve never listened closely to the lyrics though I should’ve known with a title like “Gun Song” … More Gun Song

I am an armed teacher.

By John Roche I am an armed teacher. Armed with knowledge. Armed with experience. Armed with expertise. Armed with compassion. Armed with passion. Armed with innovation. Armed with creativity. Armed with professionalism. Armed with curiosity. Armed with collaborative spirit. Armed with encouragement. Armed with responsiveness. Armed with resourcefulness. Armed with academic rigor. Armed with leadership. … More I am an armed teacher.


By Leah Brennan I hold it in my hand like a baseball— the glass apple paperweight inscribed with my name. I am trained to scan for objects, to weaponize the room, to lock the door from the outside, dismantle the workspace, reassign it to the front line, a hedge of student-chairs, impossibly small desks attached … More Paperweight

Dispatch from this Summer

By Elizabeth Bradfield   Gypsy moth: Lymantria dispar dispar Frayed, moth-eaten, vulnerable. Those Florida dancers gunned down & my young self coming out dancing & pathetic fallacy (dispar dispar) crawls all over June’s fresh oaks, gnawing them to a February canopy. The news, bad oracle, gnaws fact & rumor. Above, unrelenting mastication, defoliation. Lymantria, ‘destroyer,’ … More Dispatch from this Summer

Yes, And

By Amorak Huey    If I say everything is a gun you have to say yes, and the gun is always going off. If I say someone could get hurt, you have to say yes, and that’s what it means to be alive. I say, does it have to be like that? You say yes, and … More Yes, And

“Bullets into Bells” Event at Boston Public Library

Bullets into Bells Event at Boston Public Library Co-editors Brian Clements, Alexandra Teague and Dean Rader reflect on gun violence in America through poetry and the voice of victims of gun violence before an audience at the Boston Public Library. They are joined by poets Martín Espada, Jill McDonough, and Rebecca Morgan Frank, and Aimee Tavares, (National Organizing Director … More “Bullets into Bells” Event at Boston Public Library