Mysteries in the News

by Cecil Morris

In today’s news those three objects shot down

still unidentified but (probably) not UFOs

from foreign planets trying to slip across

our porous border through our thinnest air.

We know they were not occupied or weaponized

but not what they are (or were before we shot

them down to question later out of our caution

abundant).  Say, if they could so stealthily float

through interstellar space, might they contain life

(or weapons) which passeth our feeble earthbound

understanding, something as invisibly small

and dark as a seventieth degree virus unknown

to us?  Would a jet-fired missile kill such a thing?

Maybe they were errant, early Valentines lobbed

through the troposphere like the brightly colored cards

that we dropped in each other’s brown bags in first grade,

innocuous declarations of we knew not what—

some intimations of wonders in the world,

of mysteries we did not at seven comprehend.

So much of life continues to exceed our grasp

like this, from the morning news: three students left dead,

five injured in year’s sixty-seventh mass shooting so far.

Retired after 37 years of teaching high school English, Cecil Morris has turned to writing poetry and has had a handful of poems published in Cobalt ReviewThe Ekphrastic ReviewEnglish JournalEvening Street Review, Hole in the Head Review, PoemThe Talking River Review, and other literary magazines. He divides his time between the currently arid Central Valley of California and the Oregon coast.

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