Submission Guidelines

Add your voice to the Bullets into Bells community. If you have a poem, short essay, video, musical composition, flash fiction, visual art, or other work related to the issue of gun violence, please send it as an attachment (in a format that can be read on a PC) to Brian Clements at Include in the body of your e-mail a bio of fifty words or less. If you are sending something that has been published elsewhere, please be sure you have permission first to reprint it and to include the particulars of the publication (links, print publisher, etc.). You will retain all rights to the work; we receive only permission to post your work to this site. There is no payment for publication, and site curators will respond within a month.

Please note that we are sensitive to the to the mental and emotional well-being of survivors, including families of victims, and we therefore are not interested in receiving needlessly graphic depictions of specific shooting incidents.