By Leah Brennan I hold it in my hand like a baseball— the glass apple paperweight inscribed with my name. I am trained to scan for objects, to weaponize the room, to lock the door from the outside, dismantle the workspace, reassign it to the front line, a hedge of student-chairs, impossibly small desks attached … More Paperweight

Stage Production

By Anna Leigh Knowles Years after the shooting, the local high schools decided to merge our theaters together for a musical. Columbine wanted to rebuild its reputation. I stayed in the background, sang in the choir. After a late rehearsal, one of the Columbine boys gave a small group of the cast a tour of … More Stage Production

Hiding You Under Me

By Eloísa Peréz-Lozano I want to shrink you down, tuck you between my breasts and rib cage, settle you into the valleys between bones, held in place by my supple underness, never explored. I want to protect you from madmen in schools, concerts, and churches angry at the cards they were dealt that they didn’t … More Hiding You Under Me

Surreal Expulsion

By D.R. James —for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Fourteen chairs loiter, emptied, no young bodies adjusting for the next lesson, hand-raising, class-clown antic, contemplative talk, pat show of teen contempt, rhythm beaten with pencil, palm, bouncing knee, jouncing heal, wise-crack, step in the impossible problem never to be solved. Instead, more of the same … More Surreal Expulsion

After the Police Shooting of Another Unarmed African-American Man

By Tara Ballard March 18, 2018 And so we begin the difficult work of re-membering the body: sewing together ribs broken by multiple bullets, mapping the path love once walked across the brown, bare chest About the Author Tara Ballard is from Alaska. Her first collection, House of the Night Watch, is the winner of the … More After the Police Shooting of Another Unarmed African-American Man

Lines Composed at the New Castle County Courthouse, February, 2013

By Jennifer Sutherland Equity will not suffer a wrong without a remedy. Two days later, when the lobby tile had traded crimson for cardboard and chalk, I respectfully submitted a request to return and retrieve my papers. As the scene had been processed my plea was granted. The policeman yawned and stepped over the yellow … More Lines Composed at the New Castle County Courthouse, February, 2013


By Clif Mason In the cemetery of night, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++the weeping spreads ++++++++++++++++briars ++and brambles. What does an assault weapon bullet +++++++++++++++++++++++++++do to a child’s body? ++++++++++++++++What must we give up to count ++++++++++the entry wounds? ++++Earth holds their bodies. She will treat them ++++++++++++++++with the kindness ++++++++++++++++++++++++she offers all of the dead, ++++the kindness that … More FUGUE FOR THE SANDY HOOK DEAD