By Sophie Segura

We reckon, in heartbeats, the time it takes
paper to parachute-float through the drag.
The lull between bullets.

Nimble through pencil-case shrapnel, obstacle run
of flesh and metal. Dumb, sudden experts
at holding our breath.

Later, they’ll discover an underachieving bomb, erect
a metal detector, monument. We’ll try to ignore
invisible outlines on library carpet. And how
our sandwiches taste different.


About the Author 

Originally from Ireland, Sophie Segura has lived in Argentina for the past decade. her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Irish print journals Banshee and The Well Review, and the online journal The Honest Ulsterman. She has also written (as Sophie Parker) for The Irish Times, Time Out Buenos Aires, and the Buenos Aires Herald.

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