The Cost

By Cameron Jury

Based on Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine

I am looking to buy a gun.
Can you help me?”

“Of course!
I can start by telling you
About our top sellers.

Our crowd favorite is the AR-15;
Known for its easy rapid re-fire,
Holds a 20 round magazine,
And is customizable.

Its cost is quite a steal—
Only 17 lives.

A cross country coach,
An Olympic athlete,
A veteran,
An immigrant.

Next, a glock 20 SF
10 mm
And its counterpart
The Bushmaster.

A bit more expensive,
These run at 26 lives.

6 year old Charlotte,
7 year old James,
29 year old Rachel,
47 year old Dawn.

Our third best seller,
The Inatec TEC-D9
With an easy hold
And a special mobility.

Very affordable,
At 13 lives.

A girl with plans to build homes in Botswana,
A boy eager to get his driver’s permit,
A girl who wrote poems,
A boy who loved Star Wars.

In fact,
Just for today we have a special,
A two for one sale.

Two teachers with no more classes,
One empty stage,
Two parents shattered,
One new grave.

Thank you for shopping with us
Have a wonderful day”


About the Author

Cameron Jury is a 17-year-old poet and student living in Maine. She is the author of Because, Why Not Write? and has work featured in IlluminationBeyond the Picket FenceOnceWhen The Sea Spoke, Sparks, and the Canadian Maker’s Movement magazine.

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