Before Terror Leaves Us

By Joe Hess

Red lipstick, a white-faced study hall
bull session in a modern maze

of classrooms on the edge of town
where the eyes of a gunman

blink during repeated flashes,
and the reflexed crouch

under florescent light
heralds no glory. We identify

with fragile containers spilling
on tile floors, saturating

sweatshirt mottos. Concrete
lives leave us dangling in time

unyieldingly. Our blood returns
to earth like saline tears.

About the Author

Joe Hess is from Columbus, Ohio, and received his MA and MFA from Miami University and Ashland University, respectively. You can find his work in *82 Review, The Ekphrastic Review, and Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective. His personal Web site has access to more of his publications


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