By Nicole Cook

Bang bang
I’m angry
Or I’m sick
Or I’m frustrated
Or I’m bullied
So sad

Bang bang
What to do?
Can’t get care
They’ll know I’m sick
Americans are strong
Americans are never weak

Bang bang
In the street
In my bedroom
At the corner store
In our temples

Bang bang
The hate you give
Spread by bang bang
Our workers at war
Our faith at war
Our children at war
In schools

Bang bang
No safety
Armed guards
Kevlar backpacks

And more bang bang
The right to stockpile
Military weapons
Only in America
I can be my own army

Bang Bang
40,000 a year
Who will be next?
Only in America
Bang bang
Bang bang


About the Author

Nicole Cook is a mother of two daughters who attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas. One of her daughters fled the school with the shooter. The other daughter crouched under her desk for 20 minutes in Room 1216 while shots were fired in her classroom, injuring five and killing three beautiful friends.

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