A Guide to Guns for Fun

By Margaret Koger

Families that shoot together rock.
Your first gun could have been a gift from Grandpa.
Family heirloom guns should be hung over the fireplace.
Boys and girls will love mini-model birthday guns. Five Alive!
Pick one with a fun name: Cricket Savage Rascal Scout.
You give a kid a gun and teach the little rascal to shoot it.
A gun safe is important for weenies.
Feeding your gun addiction only requires bullets. Buy some.
Well-oiled barrels sparkle at the shooting range or mall.
Guns get the drop on runners pushers traffickers kingpins lords.
Second amendment defenders keep America free.
Repeat: Second amendment defenders keep America free!
Guns make you safe; repeat this phrase when you run into libtards.
Wear Kevlar: Shop for colors and styles that radiate sex appeal.
Crap shooting should be applied to “shut your trap” opportunities.
Healthy gun holders exercise trigger-fingers to avoid tremors.
Eye exams help hunters tell animals from people (as desired).
For mental health—choose a fellow gun owner for your doctor.
Concealed carry gives that extra confidence you need in restaurants.
Ditch the scope when shooting into schools churches bars clubs.
Concerts get down, all around, when you keep the safety off.
Give Mom a gun to keep by her bedside in case of burglars.
Make sure she doesn’t shoot you when you’ve been out for a few.
Guns are not a hard row to hoe; just takes guts—don’t spill yours.
More guns than people in the United States is as it should be.
Gun fun is the right way to go.


About the Author

Margaret Koger is an educator with a writing habit. She lives in Boise, Idaho.  Her poems often stress the need for action to defend a society where people can live in harmony with each other. Find her online at Collective Unrest, Thimble, Inez, Headway, Burning House, and Voice of Eve.

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